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Topping last season’s all-conquering YFZ450 was always going to be a challenge. The new 2009 YFZ450R successfully steps up to the No 1 Sports ATV position by moulding totally uncompromising engineering into instant race-winning potential.

The YFZ450R story starts with a new, massively rigid but very lightweight cast aluminium and steel hybrid chassis. Though the suspension is wider and longer than the YFZ450’s, the YFZ450R is physically shorter overall than its predecessor, giving it a more agile, nimble feel.
Sitting low in this chassis is a 449cc 5-valve DOHC liquid-cooled engine with reshaped intake ports and fuel injection controlled by a 32-bit ECU. The engine’s dry-sump design allows for a shallower crankcase, lowering the centre of gravity still further for even sharper handling. Pressure lubrication from a separate (small) dry-sump tank inside the crankcase reduces weight and rules out oil starvation under high G-forces.

The intake port design and valve timing have both been modified for increased low and midrange power. A new exhaust boosts low and midrange power, while a new five-speed gearbox with taller ratios drives through an up-rated clutch. The result is an ATV packing linear, muscular acceleration.
Increased wheel travel and longer suspension arms maximise the YFZ450R’s performance potential without compromising overall balance, handling or agility. New tread-pattern tyres make turn-in even sharper and a lightweight 220mm ‘wave’ disc reduces unsprung weight. Ideal riding ergonomics are made possible by a four-setting handlebar adjustment system, a new throttle lever, remodelled seat and wider footrests.

New spring & dampers:
• Dual rate springs – improved grip and absorption in compression and expansion stroke
• 3-way adjustable dampers – compression, rebound, high speed compression
• Large diameter hydraulic flow dampers means greater stroke feeling and bump absorption
• strong, lightweight cast aluminium and steel chassis
• wider, longer suspension
• high power, delivered smoothly from the new fuel-injected five-valve engine
• dry-sump design for lower weight and reliable lubrication under high G-forces
• new cylinder head, valve timing and exhaust boost low and midrange power
• taller ratio gearbox with uprated clutch
• improved rider-centric ergonomics for optimal comfort and operation
• ‘Out of the box’ competitiveness
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